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Partnership Opportunities

We are a trusted and credible national organisation whose charter is to teach all Australian children a life skill – swimming. In doing so, it shares a unique relationship with its audience – the children, their immediate carers and of course instructors. In addition, each Member Swim School is a small business in its own right which provides an additional audience with which sponsors can connect.

With over 1100 Swim Schools across Australia in our network it delivers learn to swim programs over an average 4-10 week programs per annum to children, 0-10 years of age. Over the 40 weeks of the year, We have some 1.2 million children in learn to swim programs each week.

We have the endorsement of many leading Australian swim personalities such as Libby Trickett and Guy Leech.

The following attributes can be made available to Partners of ours through a diverse range of tailored sponsorship marketing rights and benefits available to Partner organisations including:
  • Association with a trusted national network of Learn to Swim operators who teach children a vital life skill – Swimming;
  • Alignment with a credible organisation whose teachers must be accredited;
  • Support of a unique Community based program – charged with teaching young Australians how to swim
  • Promotion of swimming safety around the home and pool
  • The opportunity to connect via partnership with us to a significant number of Australian families every day of every year. Learn to Swim is not seasonal, and is not event reliant. The audience is directly impacted by our organisation through its network of Member Swim Schools and its extensive marketing communications.
A range of customised Partnership Opportunities are available for development according to your company’s brand and organisational needs.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the sponsorship packages identified, please contact specifying details of your company and we will contact you to discuss in more detail the Partnership packages available.

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