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The Australian Swim Schools Association (ASSA) Academy stands out as a dedicated institution solely committed to enhancing swim school practices, recognising their pivotal role in attracting, training, and retaining teachers while minimising barriers to entry. ASSA Swim Schools boast the necessary professional and practical resources to ensure the provision of top-tier instruction for new teachers as they embark on their learning journey.

ASSA takes pride in endorsing Ampd Academy’s (RTO: 31946) SISSS00132 – Swimming and Water Safety Teacher course, affirming its commitment to making swimming accessible to all, acknowledging the lifelong benefits it offers in terms of health, safety, fun, and fitness.

This course, tailored for ASSA Swim Schools, empowers them to oversee the training of new candidates, encompassing teaching methods, skills, and language specific to each swim school. Additionally, we simplify the process for teachers to remain active within the industry. For further details, refer to the course calendar below for upcoming sessions, or explore how to become an Ampd Partner to host this course at your swim school.

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