The (Many) Benefits of Teaching Your Kids to Swim

By admin August 08, 2019

We all know that teaching swimming helps protect the safety of your little ones, but did you know swimming lessons actually bring a whole host of additional benefits?

Although it might not seem like it, kids swimming lessons impart life skills that extend beyond swimming. With a child progressing and accruing success, they gain self-confidence that extends to other parts of their lives even beyond the swimming pool water. Swimming lessons also allow kids to learn and appreciate aspects of trust in others, teamwork, and bonding with siblings and parents.

There are plenty of life-long benefits to accrue from swimming. Equally, there are many reasons to start early and maintain lessons all year round. For instance, research has shown that early swimmers tend to perform better academically and socially. Other benefits include:

– Improvements in coordination and motor skill development,
– Enhances personality development,
– Health and child development improvements and greater happiness,

Herein we will delve into more information about the life-long benefits of taking up swimming at a young age.

  1. Swimming Is An Effective Respite From Summer Heat!
    There is an undeniable satisfaction of swimming at the beach or jumping into the pool in the middle of the sweltering heat of the summer. Having swimming skills allows you to enjoy swimming to its fullest.
  2. Swimming Is Positive For Overall Wellbeing And Health
    You benefit immensely physically from swimming. The full-body respiratory and cardiovascular workouts come in handy. For starters, it improves the child’s flexibility, stamina, and muscle strength since swimming entails using water as resistance.According to the stress reduction experts at Wellbeing Health Retreats, “swimming is also known to improve concentration and lower stress. Children who took up swimming whilst early tend to be better coordinated and stronger, with greater ability to handle life’s challenges as they navigate adolescence.”Moreover, the sensory experience of being immersed in water relaxes children and stimulates their senses.

    Swimming also helps to negate the chances of children suffering from childhood obesity, a condition that has been linked with juvenile diabetes. While swimming, one burns 500 to 650 calories per hour. Importantly, one does not destroy their joints and muscles as swimming is a low-impact exercise.

    Swimming can also help overweight children. Movements underwater are much easier than movements on land. As such, swimming can be the first step to get an obese person fit again.
    Swimming can also help kids with asthma exercise without risking triggering symptoms. Swimming allows asthmatic kids to exercise, thereby improving their breathing, lung capacity, and overall fitness.

    In a nutshell, taking swimming lessons is an excellent way for kids to stay active and healthy. It can battle and prevent obesity, all the while being fun for the kids. Keep in mind that kids who exercise at a young age are more likely to continue exercising in adulthood and live a healthy and balanced lifestyle

  1. Swimming Lessons Offer A Great Opportunity To Make New Friends
    There is a social impact to get from taking up swimming. When kids are playing in the water, it becomes a bonding opportunity that is not enjoyable and fun but also memorable. Their socialisation skills improve through playing games and undertaking physical activities.During their swimming lessons, kids learn how to relate to other people and may end up developing their first friendships. They learn how to interact with other people while staying safe
    as well safely. Swimming is an excellent way for kids to socialise and interact with the broader society.
  2. Swimming Improves Academic Skills (Including Writing And Reading)
    Swimming enhances the kids’ ability to develop their gross coordination, motor skills, and the right and left side of their brains. This is because swimming is an ambidextrous activity, which is thought to boost children’s ability to write and read and develop language skills.Kids thrive on attaining and learning new skills (although learning to swim should not be a race). Unlike many other sports, you do not need a particular skill set to start learning. Moreover, it does not have to be a competitive process, although it can be if you desire so. It can be learnt and enjoy individually without comparisons.

    The measure of success is individual-based. Accruing success, nonetheless, will make your child eager to learn and improve continuously. They will learn and appreciate a sense of achievement. They will also strive to get better and improve their abilities. In this regard, swimming will help your child to learn how to set goals and work towards achieving the goals.

    According to the mental development experts at Mindset Mastery, “children who swim year-round tend to be more self-motivated, self-confident, and self-disciplined. All these benefits will spill-over to other parts of your child’s life, including schoolwork.”

  3. Swimming Builds Trust And Alleviates Fear In Early Stages Of Their Life
    By introducing your kids to water in early parts of their lives to ensure that they are aware and they can remain relaxed around it. This exposure to the meditative benefits of water to your child in their formative years reduces the chances that they will develop panic attacks and fear of water later on.According to adult coaching expertJoanne Antoun, “swimming can also be used to develop a child’s risk-taking skills in a safe environment for extra-cautious children. By taking swimming lessons, they gradually build trust in themselves, others, and the water. With their swimming skills developing, they become better capable of overcoming their fear and celebrating achievements – all of which go towards creating strong and capable adults.”

    Having a positive relationship with water opens up the possibility of engaging in a wide variety of water activities, sports, and venues.

  4. Swimming Makes For A Great Bonding Time And Experience, And It’s Lots Of Fun!
    Aside from being a very relaxing experience, swimming is enjoyable. Water play is something that many people enjoy. As such, you can bond with your child in the water, sharing great and exciting life experiences and creating life-long dreams. The positive childhood memories will go a long way in helping kids grow up healthy mental-wise.
  5. Swimming Is A Sport That Can Be Lifesaving!
    You child needs to be confident in water in tricky situations in the pool and at the beach. They need to be confident and relaxed enough to swim to the edge of the pool or tread water until help comes. Being able to swim adds another vital Layer of Protection for safer swimming.Author Bio
    Thomas Wright is a freelance writer. He is a university student based in Sydney. A Computer Science student, Thomas is also fond of going to the cinema. When not on his desk, he is often at the cinemas watching his favourite shows.
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