Caring Swim Schools

We are committed to a swimming and water safety for all philosophy. We incorporate inclusion strategies in all aspects of our activities, and endeavour to create opportunities for all Australians to be included in Learn to Swim. Whether people choose to learn to swim for safety, fun and enjoyment, health and fitness, aspire to be a world champion, or choose to be involved in a non-swimming role as a teacher or volunteer, swimming provides many opportunities.

As the Peak Industry Body for Swim Schools, we are committed to assisting our Member Swim Schools emulate such a philosophy.  To that end, Committees and various Special Interest Groups, driven by passionate, expert Leaders have been created.  Additionally, a number of great fit charities have been embraced – our ‘Pool of Causes’.

We care about the community and are passionate about swimming and water safety.


ASSA’s Inclusive Swimming programs are driven by our Inclusion Committee. The agenda centres around:

  • On-going professional development.
  • Development of resources, including standards, information and guidelines.

A major plank in fulfilling an Inclusion Strategy is the development of the Inclusive standards for Swim Schools. ASSA places enormous value on contextualizing standards for Swim Schools, particularly to incorporate the Federal Government’s Play by the Rules 7 Pillars of Inclusion.

Such standards would serve two purposes;

  • providing education and guidance to those Swim Schools who are taking steps to create an inclusive environment in their Swim Schools, and
  • helping Swim Schools, ASSA and associated bodies, identify areas of strength and weakness, enabling the development of better, inclusive programs.

Pool of Causes

We work to support a wide range of valuable community service programs.  It directly supports the following:

We work to support a wide range of valuable community service programs.  It directly supports the following:

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been put in place to support a better life for hundreds of thousands of Australians with a significant and permanent disability and their careers with families. The insurance scheme takes a lifetime approach – investing in people with disability early to improve their outcomes later in life. The NDIS helps people with disability to:

  • Access mainstream services and supports
    These are the services available for all Australians from people like doctors or teachers through the health and education systems. It also covers areas like public housing and the justice and aged care systems.
  • Access community services and supports
    These are activities and services available to everyone in a community, such as sports clubs, community groups, libraries or charities.
  • Maintain informal support arrangements
    This is help people get from their family and friends. It is support people don’t pay for and is generally part of most people’s lives.
  • Receive reasonable and necessary funded supports
    The NDIS can pay for supports that are reasonable and necessary. This means they are related to a person’s disability and are required for them to live an ordinary life and achieve their goals. Assistance from the NDIS is not means-tested and has no impact on income support such as the Disability Support Pension and Carers Allowance.

For more information and to learn how to become a provider visit:

Environmentally Friendly Swim Schools

The Environmentally Friendly Swim Schools program is focused on developing more environmentally friendly Swim Schools.

  • Providing regular information and tips regarding environmental practices to Swim Schools.
  • Lobbying regulators, including Government, regarding standards pertaining to the likes of water treatment.

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