Act Personally, Influence Locally, Affect Nationally

Towards a NO DROWN TOWN Concept

The ‘Towards a NO DROWN TOWN’ concept is built around the idea of encouraging individuals and families to make their homes a ‘Towards a NO DROWN TOWN’, using the Safer Swimming ‘layers of protection’ message to take care of those closest to them – This is about taking responsibility and is seen as the highest priority, associating it with the colour red.

The concept goes well beyond what each family does at home though – in their Towards a NO DROWN TOWN. Their efforts, and/or those of others in the community, can extend to the local community, their Neighbourhood, School, and even Council. This is connected with the colour blue, representing water in its various forms throughout the community, which is the focal point of the risk.

Those collective efforts will then have the best chance of changing things nationally and help families across the country. The colour green associates this with the growth and well-being of a country unified to address the tragedy of childhood drowning.

In summary, this is Act Personally, Influence Locally, Affect Nationally.

In the logo, the links are symbolic of those 3 layers of the community being connected and working together Towards a NO DROWN TOWN ideal.

ASSA Ambassadors have this to say about Towards a NO DROWN TOWN:



To see a short 4 minute animation/video on Towards a NO DROWN TOWN, simply click here.

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