Royal Life Saving, on behalf of the National Aquatic Industry Committee (NAIC), managed the Social Health and Economic Benefits of the National Aquatic Industry Project in partnership with Pricewaterhouse Coopers Australia.

The key objectives of the project were to:

Achieve and share a greater insight and understanding of the aquatic industry

Create a greater evidence base for advocacy / investment in aquatic facility provisioning and infrastructure

Enhance business cases for renewing infrastructure on aging infrastructure

Foster a shared understanding of community and social value brought by aquatics and the cost of not investing in aquatic infrastructure

Create an enhanced understanding of the industry to government

Support the development of a strong, sustainable and responsive aquatic industry

This report, prepared by PwC, provides an assessment of the economic, health and social benefits that accrue to individuals, communities and society as a result of activities undertaken
across the Australian aquatic industry.

We ask that readers of this report join us in our work of building a water-loving Australia free from drowning, where every Australian can swim for fun, education, fitness and/or wellbeing, facilitated by a vibrant and strong Australian aquatic industry.