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Ozone 1

Achieve pristine water quality with an award winning Ozone Swim/AOP System

Ozone 1 has developed a revolutionary line of Secondary Advanced Oxidation Process Systems (AOP) suitable for Learn to Swim, Hydrotherapy and Aquatic Centre Pools.

These AOP systems combine the powers of both Ozone and UV technology to produce one of the most reactive oxidising agents known to chemistry.

Put simply, Ozone is produced using patented Corona Discharge technology and is introduced into the water via a unique injection manifold.

Ozone enriched water then passes through TiO2 UV reactor chambers where it undergoes photolysis to produce Hydroxyl Free Radicals.

Hydroxyl Free Radicals effectively destroy bacteria, fungi, viruses, cysts, chlorine by-products (chloramines) and chlorine resistant parasites such as Cryptosporidium.

AOP systems have low running and maintenance costs and can be pre-built and skid mounted on 316 stainless steel frames to enable fast and easy install.


  • Reduces Trihalomethanes (THMs);
  • Dramatically reduces Free Available Chlorine levels (FAC) to as low as 1ppm;
  • Dramatically reduces combined chlorine levels (Chloramines);
  • Reduces skin, eye and respiratory irritations;
  • Breaks down dissolved impurities such as oils and organic wastes;
  • Improves filtration of suspended solids such as human dander;
  • Economical with minimal maintenance requirements; and
  • Systems available for both domestic and commercial use.

To find out more about how we can improve the water quality at your facility please contact us on 1300 696 631 or visit our below websites.