Recommended Products & Services for Parents

Swimwear, Accessories & Equipment

Australian Swim Schools Association (ASSA) is proud to have Vorgee as its Preferred Supplier of swim goggles and accessories. In partnering with Vorgee, ASSA took into account the following:

  • Vorgee is Australian owned and managed.
  • Their focus is to offer you, your staff and your business a broad range of swim goggles, swim caps and swim training equipment covering most categories and price points along with helpful and understanding service.
  • Style and quality are underlying features of all their products.
  • Ample stock is on hand to order as your require.
  • All orders are appreciated no matter how small or large.
  • Good margins.
  • Fast, reliable and efficient service.
  • In addition to their retain product range they also offer an efficient Club, Swim School, Centre Logo or Event Swim Cap, and Club Swimwear service.
  • High quality Australian Made Chlorine Resistant Swimwear and Rash Shirts (including Instructor) are
  •  also available, as well as High Performance Race Swim Suits and Nixs.
  • Special deals and promotions also available on request.

Water Treatment

Achieve pristine water quality with an award winning Brauer Swim/AOP System

Ozone 1 has developed a revolutionary line of Secondary Advanced Oxidation Process Systems (AOP) suitable for Learn to Swim, Hydrotherapy and Aquatic Centre Pools.

These AOP systems combine the powers of both Ozone and UV technology to produce one of the most reactive oxidising agents known to chemistry.

Put simply, Ozone is produced using patented Corona Discharge technology and is introduced into the water via a unique injection manifold.

Facilities & Plant

Myrtha Pools are the global leader in the manufacture and construction of modular stainless steel swimming pools and aquatic accessories. The company A&T Europe and the Myrtha Pools brand were established in 1962 and is an ever evolving ‘new age’ solution for swimming pools construction. We build pools for all uses from Olympic Games and World Swimming Championships, to hotels, cruise ships, learn to swim facilities and even rowing clubs. Our product range is large and very diverse so if you can dream of it we can build it.

Myrtha Pools have been established in Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years now and currently have in excess of 200 individual pool basins installed over the two countries.

As each and every pool use is different, Myrtha Pools custom design and build every pool to the clients requirements, ensuring you can get exactly what you want from your pool. We can also refurbish existing pools using our patented Renovaction system giving an old concrete pool a new lease on life with the same long term warranties that we give to a new Myrtha Pool.

With a 25 year structural warranty and 10 years water tightness guarantee (or extended to 15 year water tightness guarantee if a maintenance agreement is entered into), we stand behind every Myrtha Pool that we build.

Myrtha Pools are proud to be partnering with the Australian Swim Schools Association (ASSA) and look forward to sharing the Myrtha story with its members along with supporting any organisations that may want concept designs and costings for LTS facilities they may be planning.


Contact: Greg Clarke – National Manager Australia
Mobile: 0419 855 058