SAFERwater Warriors

The SAFERwater Warriors are on a mission to spread the water safety message.

We know that kids are drawn to water year round, so Yindi, our Warrior Guide, reminds everyone to always be vigilant. Ensure kids swimming and water safety skills are strong, maintain constant eye contact whilst supervising, know your emergency plan and re-check your barriers.

Every layer of protection is necessary to keep children SAFER

Swimming Skills

Adult Supervision

Fences & Gates

Emergency Action Plan


Meet the warriors

Skye’s superpower is her vision, the ability to spot situations where SUPERVISION is needed.

“Supervision means constant eye contact and being within arms reach when children are in or around water”

A wise message from Skye, our SAFERwater Warrior who champions Adult Supervision.  She reminds is all that an adult needs to be focussed on supervision at ALL times and not distracted by their phone, a book or a friendly chat.


Force’s special ability is the power of protection.

“After periods of rain, please check your pool fence for loose panels – a strong pool fence matters!”

Great advice from Force, ASSA’s SAFERwater Warrior for barriers.


Glide is really good at her swimming and water safety skills, but also knows how important those skills are and is the greatest champion at making sure those skills are learned early and practiced consistently through the year.

“Children drown all year round – keep their swimming skills strong by continuing lessons all year long!”

Great advice from Glide, ASSA’s SAFERwater Warrior and champion for everyone learning how to swim!


Week 4 is lead by Dash, reminding us of the importance of having a plan in case of an emergency.


Dash is all about Emergency Planning, and if something were to happen, he’s super quick to act – He knows what to do because he’s planned well.

“If you haven’t through about what you would do if there was an emergency in or around water, here are my top tips!”

  1. If a child is missing, check any water areas FIRST – seconds count
  2. Ensure everyone who cares for your child, including you, knows CPR
  3. Have an Emergency Action Plan in place, especially if you have a backyard pool
  4. Ensure all the other layer of protection are around your child – supervision, barriers and swimming skills – dealing with an emergency is the last line of defence.


Our warriors are young, energetic, and use their superpowers well, brought together by Yindy.

Yindy’s name is derived from Yindyamarra.

This is an Australian First Nation’s word that is often translated as “respect”. It can also mean to give honour, to slow things and to take responsibility, and this is what she does for our SAFERwater WARRIORS.

“We need all these layers of protection in place to keep children SAFER in and around the water through every season”

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