ASSA-USSSA Coutts Family Scholarship Program

About the Program

The Coutts Family Scholarship Program provides an unprecedented opportunity for talented, committed and passionate individuals within the Australian Swim Schools Association (ASSA) and United States Swim Schools Association (USSSA) Member Swim Schools; to learn, be inspired and share.  It is a perfect opportunity for those who are bursting with innovation and energy, would love to experience what others are doing … to explore what can possibly be … and, of course, travel!

The Coutts family, led by John and Sally, has a long, rich and successful history with the Swim School Industry. Whilst this was primarily through their affiliation with Carlile Swimming, it extends around Australia and throughout much of the swimming world.  In late 2016, John and Sally started to conceptualise an on-going formal contribution to their beloved Swim School Industry and its future pathways. The result is the Coutts Family Scholarship Program: a ten-year commitment, with a minimum contribution of A$25,000 per year – to the development of future leaders of the Swim School Industry.

With the strong bond already in place with between ASSA and USSSA, these two groups of industry friends became the logical Partners.  A ‘give back’ philosophy is a core element of the program – and in keeping with that, Scholarship recipients are required to ‘present’ the outcomes from their experiences in a manner that will reach and benefit all the Member Swim Schools of ASSA and the USSSA.

Year 1 took place at the Coutts Residence in Finland. The group worked tirelessly for 10 days to design an achievable, sustainable Next Generation floor plan of a Swim School, which they will be presenting on at their respective Conferences this year.

ASSA is excited to be a part of this fantastic Program. In 2017, the first recipients of the Coutts Family Scholarship Program had a wonderful experience working together in Finland to develop new swim school concepts.  Year 2 of the Program offers awesome new challenges and adventures. Recipients will be travelling to different locations with a mission to collaborate with those that they visit, to study learn-to-swim best practices.  This wonderful networking opportunity is sure to expand the knowledge of the participants, their collaborators and those that listen to their 2019 conference presentations. All this whilst advancing world’s best practice for both Association’s, its members and the families and communities we collectively serve.

The US Swim School Association is thrilled to be a part of the Coutts Family Scholarship Program.  The Coutts family have been long time members, supporters and friends of US Swim School Association. To be able to spend some time thinking about the industry that we love is a gift and the opportunity to share the experience with industry leaders from the USSSA and ASSA is priceless. The Coutts Family Scholarship leaves an incredible legacy and will help our members and industry growing in countless ways in the future.

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