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HMT Consulting – Michael Taylor Principal Consultant

Michael has over 40 years’ experience in Industrial and Employee Relations, from both workforce and business perspectives, and holds a Graduate Diploma in Employment Relations.

Between 1990 and 2001 he served on the Boards of Arts Training NSW, Sport & Recreation ITAB – NSW, National Sport & Recreation ITAB, Recreation Industry Training Company and the Services Sector Industry Reference Group, set up under the auspices of WorkCover NSW. During this period Michael had a major input into the establishment of National Competency Standards in the Live Theatre & Concert Industry, major Theme Parks and Outdoor Recreation.

Michael has the honour of being a foundation member of the Coordination Committee set up under the Principles of Cooperation between SCOCOG/SPOC and Labor Council of NSW and was a key player in a project which, in the words of NSW Premier Bob Carr,

“Created a new workforce culture that replaced conflict and bloody mindedness with negotiated cooperative partnerships” to deliver “the best Games ever.”

In 1999 and 2000 he participated in the monitoring of the implementation of new OH&S legislation and reforms in the Services Sector in NSW.

In January 2002, Michael moved to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, establishing HMT Consulting offering Workplace Relations services to small to medium sized organisations.

During 2002 and 2003, Michael convened two workshops organised by the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation to assist members with developing an understanding of the operation of Enterprise Bargaining within both the Federal and Queensland systems and to encourage ‘best practice principles’ in Human Resources, Industrial and Employment Relations within the sector. Since 2004 Michael has been the Principal Adviser on Industrial Relations to the Federation culminating in the making of the Outdoor Leaders Award (Qld) in January 2006.

Between 2003 and 2016 HMT Consulting was engaged to develop a series of innovative Enterprise Agreements relating to Luna Park Sydney and the State Sports Centre Melbourne.

Eighteen months of work on a project to review the terms and conditions of employees in the Health and Fitness Centres, Swim Schools and Indoor Sports Centres saw the creation of the first Queensland-wide Award covering this sector in early 2005.

Since 2006 Michael Taylor has assisted a growing and wide range of clients in the leisure and recreation, educative services, manufacturing, building and hospitality sectors in addressing their Human Resource and Workplace Relations needs. This included routine advice and enterprise specific assistance in relation to the introduction of the ‘Work Choices’, and the ‘Forward With Fairness’ legislative packages, and most recently, changes to the Fair Work Act 2009, relating to ‘Workplace Bullying & General Protections’ claims.

This work included the drafting of a comprehensive range of templates covering AWAs, Workforce Collective Agreements and supporting documentation for Swim Australia affiliated businesses nationally, Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation (QORF), and Fitness Queensland members.

Allied to these activities has been the setting up of several ‘Employer Greenfields Agreements’, developed to give ‘start-up’ businesses tailored rates of pay and employee conditions of employment ensuring their long-term viability.

During 2009/10, and again between 2014 & 2016, HMT Consulting has been engaged to represent Swim Australia, and other Clients to make submissions to the Award Modernisation Full Bench of the A.I.R.C & Fair Work Commission, including an application before Fair Work Australia that saw nationally recognised competencies incorporated in the new federal award covering Swim Schools and Fitness Centres.

Michael has been regularly called upon to be a keynote speaker at conferences convened by ASCTA/Swim Australia, and the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation.

Most recently, Michael has formed a strategic relationship with ASSA – Australian Swim Schools Association. This was reported in the Australasian Leisure Management Magazine – July 2016, in the following terms:

“In a major coup for ASSA, it has exclusively retained Michael Taylor, of HMT Consulting, for its Workplace Relations Advisory Service. ASSA believe Taylor to be the national expert on the Fitness Industry Award – and even more-so when it comes to Swim Schools.”

“Many small to medium sized business operators are struggling to keep abreast of the numerous twists and turns in workplace regulation over the past 15 years. HMT Consulting is committed to achieving workable and sustainable outcomes for its clients in the current, economically challenging, business environment.”

Michael Taylor, Principal Consultant.

November 2016.