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Ezidebit’s flexible payment collection options take the hard work out of running a swim school. Chasing members for payment will soon be a thing of the past. Using our convenient automated direct debit and real time solutions, you collect payments on time and improve your cash flow.

Apart from simplifying the way your swim school gets paid, Direct Debit can also help you attract more customers, by breaking larger payments down into smaller, more manageable amounts. With Ezidebit Direct Debit, you can create recurring payments that are fully automated, so you don’t have to waste time manually chasing missed payments week after week.

With Ezidebit Real Time payments, your business website has the ability to accept credit card payments simply and securely online.

We will work with the software you are already currently using so there is no need to switch. Speak to us today on 1300 763 256 to see how we can help your swim school.

Ezidebit Case Study Click Here

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OCPMS – Online Client Profile Management System

For over a decade of being involved with swim schools in many positions, from teacher to coordinator, and using many different management systems from spreadsheets to commercial software, I have found that there was very little in the way of programs specialising in swim school at an affordable price. I found the software that I have used lacked the ability to track performance of teachers, clients, and the swim school as a whole.

From this background we have developed the Online Client Profile Management System to specifically cater to the needs of running a swim school. Our swim school program can be integrated with other systems and with other programs in the OCPMS range to deliver a full system embracing management, eLearning, phone apps and more.

We have a passion for technology and by using and embracing technology we can bring big gains in performance, staff training, time saving and ease of use.



Let us take the headache out of administration so you can concentrate on the core task of teaching children to swim.

SPLASH : the swim school management system designed by swim schools for use by swim schools.

First introduced in 2001, we are proud to be one of the longest operating swim school management products on offer in Australia and New Zealand. For over 15 years Computerize has worked closely with clients to ensure we continue to evolve. This has enabled us to develop marketing leading software for the learn to swim industry. Our efforts have culminated in a swim school management program which we believe best meets your business needs.

Day to day SPLASH will support your endeavours to provide better service, it will enable you to monitor student achievements, provide feedback to parents, and also allowing you to analyse revenue and monitor student retention. Not only is this all possible, but with SPLASH you can do it quickly and easily. If instant access to information is what you need, SPLASH is the product for you.

While offering all the generic learn to swim business tools such as schedule creation, automated rebooking, account management, invoice generation, as well as communication via SMS and email, we also include:

  • Progress tracking
  • Report Card Generation
  • iPad Access on the Pool Deck
  • Direct Debit and Credit Card Processing
  • Point of Sale
  • Free worldwide email and telephone support

Maybe you need something a little bit different, SPLASH isn’t just an off the shelf solution! We aim to support the uniqueness of your business, just tell us what you need and we can build specifically for you.

If you would like to talk with satisfied customers contact us now.

Visit our website today for a free 60 day trial.

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SwimBiz is the most comprehensive software solution for assisting in the management of swim schools. The development of SwimBiz has been and continues to be driven both by a team with decades of experience in the aquatic industry as well as the feedback gathered from many happy customers within Australia and worldwide.

SwimBiz has the capability to provide:

  • Web based access – login from anywhere
  • Unlimited downloads/staff logins onto additional PC/Mac devices
  • Automated Invoice generation
  • Full featured Online Class Registration and Customer Portal (members area)
  • Mobile App (Apple and Android)
  • Free Database import to get started
  • Integration with Xero, QuickBooks, or export to MYOB
  • Free automatic software updates
  • NFC membership tag support
  • Ability to input discounting structure
  • SMS Texting
  • Emailing
  • POS application
  • Free local Australian phone & email support


SwimBiz is proudly partnering with ASSA to help promote best practice in Australian Swimming Schools.

Logo SwimBiz

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iClassPro is the best class management software in the world for class based business, allowing owners and managers to get back to their passion of inspiring and empowering students.Your search for a superior way to manage your classes, students, coaches, payments, and much much more ends here. Our cloud based software is designed to take the hassle out of operating a class-based business while providing state of the art customer support. With iClassPro, you can manage your communication, class scheduling, billing, analytics, reports and much much more. Some of our clients favorite features included with iClassPro are:- Point of Sale

– The iClassPro Mobile App
– Time Clock
– Calendar
– Skill Tracking
– and much more to come!iClassPro’s Parent Portal effortlessly integrates with your business’s website. From the Parent Portal, your customers are able to register for classes, make payments, and schedule makeups from their desktop or mobile device. Simplify your communication with customers by sending text messages, email, and even voice broadcasts from iClassPro. iClassPro even has automated beautiful email templates that are customized to match your businesses branding. And streamline billing by taking payments, print and email receipts, manage accounts receivable, and much more all in iClassPro.

3rd Level Consulting

What Can 3rd Level Do For You? Take YOUR Business To The Next Level!

Our #1 priority is YOU, the Learn To Swim business owner. We truly care about your business and the development and success of your key staff, which is why we offer the best in Business Education, Training, Systems and Support.  We are constantly updating our resources and developing effective new tools for our clients.

With our expert, industry-specific consultants from around the world, you can count on us to help you meet and exceed your business goals.

Together, we will design a custom package that’s right for YOU and YOUR team!


Your Phone App

Your Phone App are one of Australia’s leading mobile app developers for swim schools and small businesses. They develop quality and affordable mobile apps that easily engage with your customers, increase foot traffic and increase sales.

You can send your customers FREE instant notifications to their smart phones which have a 97% open rate such as informing them of updated information about your business, swimming classes, merchandise, specials and more.

Allow your customers to have all your information in their pocket and readily available at any time.

Your app will feature in Apple iTunes and Google Play stores and also HTML5 for Window smart phones.


Marketing To Mums

Katrina McCarter is the CEO of Marketing to Mums, a marketing and research consultancy.  She is a Marketing Strategist, Best-selling Author, International Speaker and Advisor and she specialises in helping businesses, just like yours, sell more effectively to the world’s most powerful consumer, Mums.

She has more than 18 sales and marketing experience working across diverse industries. She has a keen interest in the Swim School industry and has spoken at ASSA events on numerous occasions. Her specialty is providing practical, actionable marketing strategies which will help you attract and retain more enrolments in your Swim School.

BF Brokers

Business & Franchise Brokers Group

Helping clients transition to the next phase of their lives through the purchase or sale of a swim school.

Business sale negotiations call for discipline and a system driven approach.  Our success hinges on applying these characteristics to the sale of your business.  The sales process would be overseen by Cameron Prosser who, as a past member of the Australian Swim Team for 10 years, has extensive experience within the Health & Fitness industry.  In addition to being registered Business Valuers, we are Licenced Finance Brokers assisting purchasers with the financial requirements to purchase a business.

Cameron has assisted swim school owners in Victoria, NSW and Queensland, plus many well known fitness franchise brands such as Anytime Fitness, Snap Fitness, Fernwood Fitness, Re-Creation Health Club, 9Rounds, 12Rounds, KX Pilates, EFM Health Club and F45 Training.

If you are thinking of selling your business, we would be happy to discuss with you, in complete confidence, our role in preparing and marketing your business for a successful sale.

Call or Email Cameron on 0438569747,

To Sell your Swim School Click Here (

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Jonas Leisure

Jonas Leisure are the go-to people empowering fitness andleisure providers to realise new heights for their businesses. We’re passionate about delivering software that provides real and lasting value. Our innovative swim school software solutions will transform your business, boost your efficiency, and make your life easier.

We have supplied effective software solutions to swim schools for almost 30 years since our foundation on the East Coast of Australia, making us experienced leaders in the industry.

Our solutions are designed to help swim schools of all sizes, from independent, to multi-site, to multi-operator, and swim schools within aquatic centres and leisure clubs.

We bring together a suite of leading leisure, aquatic and fitness software products under one banner, with Udio (pictured) being our leading swim school business software product.

Udio is a powerful, easy-to-use cloud-based solution that enables you to manage every aspect of your swim school. From booking and scheduling classes, a customer accounts portal, to integrated payment and self-check-in – Udio has it all!

We have a special offer for ASSA members! Sign up to Udio today to save $300!

Best of all, our 24/7 support and Software for Life policy means you’ll always have excellent customer service and lifetime access to upgrades and enhancements.

To learn more about Jonas Leisure and our suite of industry leading products, including Udio, get in touch.

Child Safeguard – Experts in Child Safe Practices

Child Safeguard is a proud ASSA partner in the delivery of Child Safe Practice services.

We help Swim Schools keep children safer! Our experts advise Swim Schools how to build a Child Safe Organisation and how to implement Best Practice in Child Safety. We provide consultancy, training and legal services that are tailored to the Aquatic sector. We help Swim Schools meet their child safe legal and compliance responsibilities.

Our Services

Our specialised Child safe services include:

  • Design of Policies & Procedures
  • Staff Training
  • Child Safe Certification
  • Child Safe Audits

We can also customise a Child Safe Package for your Swim School!

Our Clients & Partners

Our experts have a proven record advising clients in various sectors including:

  • Aquatic Industry
  • Sport & Recreation
  • Education
  • Out of School Hours (OOSH) and Vacation Care
  • Local Government

As an ASSA Preferred Supplier, ASSA members benefit from receiving a discount off our professional services.

We look forward to working with ASSA to ensure it is a leader as a peak industry body regarding child safe practices and helping member Swim Schools with vital compliance matters as they head towards International best practice.

Feel free to contact us on 02 9252 3198 for a no obligation FREE CONSULTATION.

ChildSafeguard, Child Safety, Australia Swim Schools Association

Business Plaza

Business Plaza is a Local Area Media Network that provides income to participating clubs, associations and community groups as well as resources such as electronic e-newsletters, websites, e-commerce facilities and help with sponsorship. We provide income in part by working with local and national companies and redirecting some of their existing advertising and marketing budget into the local community.

Business Plaza works with more than 7,000 clubs, associations and community groups across Australia and is delighted to be a service provider to the Australian Swim Schools Association.

Under an arrangement with the Australian Swim Schools Association, each swim school can have their own Business Plaza and can have their own electronic newsletter, similar to the ASSA Swim Schools Report that Business Plaza publishes in conjunction with ASSA.

If you would like to know how your swim school can benefit from Business Plaza, please call or email us.

Contact: Gary Smith
Tel: 02 8197 2340


Puddle Pics Underwater Photography

In the last six years Puddle Pics has mastered the art of swim school photography and become the number one supplier of underwater photography for parents.

This yearly event provides your customers with happy memories of their time at your swim school and of their children’s swimming achievements.

Our team has over 20 years experience in underwater photography, sales and customer service. We are proud to be working with over 100 swim schools and sold to over 30,000 parents.

Puddle Pics fun and unique service will value and innovation to your swim schools curriculum.

For further details call Joanne on 0414 400436 or email

Puddle Pics logo

Puddle Pics photography

Ozone Swim

Ozone 1

Achieve pristine water quality with an award winning Ozone Swim/AOP System

Ozone 1 has developed a revolutionary line of Secondary Advanced Oxidation Process Systems (AOP) suitable for Learn to Swim, Hydrotherapy and Aquatic Centre Pools.

These AOP systems combine the powers of both Ozone and UV technology to produce one of the most reactive oxidising agents known to chemistry.

Put simply, Ozone is produced using patented Corona Discharge technology and is introduced into the water via a unique injection manifold.




Australian Temporary Structures

Australian Temporary Structures (ATS) is the leading provider of temporary and portable structures across Australia and New Zealand, specialising in Pool Covers for the short to long term requirements of swim centres.

ATS accommodate short lead times, the aluminium structures are compact to transport and fast to install and remove making it a highly cost-effective solution. The innovative modular design characteristics of the pool covers are available in standard or custom designs.

Get in touch with ATS to discover how their pool cover systems can be utilised; from a short term solution during periods of renovation or cooler weather, through to the creation of an indoor pool.


Life Floor

We all know the importance of water safety. Not just in the water, but also around it.

Forever, kids have been slipping and falling on those slippery, hard or abrasive concrete or tile pool decks.

Life Floor™ has solved that problem.

Life Floor™ is an impervious foam rubber tile flooring system specifically designed and made for aquatics – where anyone is barefoot.

Life Floor has two main features:

  1. Traction: Life Floor is slip resistant without being abrasive, soft for bare feet, and becomes even more slip resistant when wet. It has a P5 to AS4586:2013 Wet Pendulum test meaning it can go anywhere.
  2. Cushioning: if someone does fall, the built-in cushioning will minimise bumps and bruises.

With 32 colour options, four textures, and three thicknesses, Life Floor can accommodate most needs for wet areas where safety is #1.

Made in the USA, Life Floor has been specially designed for use around swimming pools, zero depth entries, change rooms, splash pads, water parks, slide towers and play areas.

Here’s what some facility managers say about Life Floor:

  • “Life Floor solved a great problem we were having with kids slipping. Since installing, we haven’t had any issues or complaints. We have been especially pleased with the tile’s colour fastness and durability”
  • “We have had our Life Floor on the pool deck for the past several years and are very happy with the results. We went from nearly daily slips and falls, to virtually none. Patrons love it, staff love it, and I would do it again in a minute.”

Further demonstrating its commitment to aquatic safety, Life Floor won the 2016 Kelly Ogle Memorial Safety Award from the World Waterpark Association.

With hundreds of proven installations throughout the US, Middle East, Asia and now here, Life Floor has solved the problem of safety around the pool.


Myrtha Pools

Myrtha Pools

Myrtha Pools are the global leader in the manufacture and construction of modular stainless steel swimming pools and aquatic accessories. The company A&T Europe and the Myrtha Pools brand were established in 1962 and is an ever evolving ‘new age’ solution for swimming pools construction.  We build pools for all uses from Olympic Games and World Swimming Championships, to hotels, cruise ships, learn to swim facilities and even rowing clubs.  Our product range is large and very diverse so if you can dream of it we can build it.

Myrtha Pools have been established in Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years now and currently have in excess of 200 individual pool basins installed over the two countries.

As each and every pool use is different, Myrtha Pools custom design and build every pool to the clients requirements, ensuring you can get exactly what you want from your pool.  We can also refurbish existing pools using our patented Renovaction system giving an old concrete pool a new lease on life with the same long term warranties that we give to a new Myrtha Pool.

With a 25 year structural warranty and 10 years water tightness guarantee (or extended to 15 year water tightness guarantee if a maintenance agreement is entered into), we stand behind every Myrtha Pool that we build.

Myrtha Pools are proud to be partnering with the Australian Swim Schools Association (ASSA) and look forward to sharing the Myrtha story with its members along with supporting any organisations that may want concept designs and costings for LTS facilities they may be planning.

Contact: Greg Clarke – National Manager Australia
Mobile: 0419 855 058


Integral Wealth Management

Along with running a successful swim school business you need to take care of your financial security. We can help you achieve this goal. Peter Cottell is a licensed Financial Planner and has over 25 years industry experience in financial services. Peter is able to offer advice on all aspects of financial planning and wealth management.

It is critical to the success of a financial plan to acquire an in-depth understanding of your financial circumstances, income, investments, assets and liabilities. We analyse your short and long-term goals in terms of lifestyle, family considerations, working life and retirement.

We understand that each client approaches their financial future differently. Once we understand your financial position we develop a strategy to assist you in reaching and achieving your goals.

Peter would welcome your enquiry. Contact him on 07 3379 8233 or email


Guy Leech Defibrillators

Guy Leech – for Automated External Defibrillator

Yes, compared to a full-on aquatic and leisure centre, heart attacks and other conditions that require the heart to be re-started are rare at Swim Schools. However, they do happen! Think past the young children in classes. Think the accompanying parents. Think grandparents coming to watch. Think adult learners and lap swimmers. Having an AED on site can make a massive difference in successfully reviving the patient.

A goal of the Australian Swim Schools Association is to have 100% of Swim Schools with a high quality AED that meets (or exceeds) ANZCOR Guidelines. To help make this a reality, ASSA have partnered with Guy Leech to bring such a unit – The LIFEPAK CR Plus* – to you – with a 10% discount or a super payment plan.



Insurance Advisernet

Business insurance can be confusing. At Insurance Advisernet (Australian Financial Services License Number: 240549) we make general insurance clear and easy to understand. Our focus is to deliver superior quality client service whilst fostering strong, long-term relationships. We want to get to know you and your business. We want to help you protect your business. We want to grow and prosper with you. We’re here to help.

Insurance Advisernet was founded in 1996 with the aim of providing high quality risk management advice that business owners can trust. Today we’re one of the largest and most respected General Insurance businesses in Australia and New Zealand, with an ever-growing network of over 180 insurance advisers across 140 locations.

Click on the Website link below to access instructions on how to obtain a “no obligation” insurance quotation. Refer to the Section “Insurance Expertise”.


Your Best You

Your Best You is a community of businesses and people focussed on education, health and making the most out of our one life… not just for the obvious individual benefit but also for the benefit of the families and communities in which we live.  Our vision is to develop your best version of you who will in turn contribute positively to a better world and as a result a better life!

Our services include personal training, workplace health and happiness, workshop and keynote solutions for your next conference and the opportunity to join our Lifetime Success Club so that you have constant access to inspiration and education as you journey through your one life.

In all of our services we use a creative balance of adult education and training for the body and mind drawing on current best practice and over 52 years of hands on experience in the areas of positive psychology and human movement.


Smart Moves Swim

Power Up Your Program with the Smart Moves Swim Online Teaching System!

  • Reduce Staff training time and cost
  • Enjoy the rewards of delivering lessons of value and success!
  • Enhance lesson quality, safety and consistency

Over 250 NEW Activities!

Over 40 NEW Infant and Toddler Lessons! 

The Smart Moves Online Teaching System is a virtual online library of hundreds of skills, drills, progressions, games and songs. These can be used in lessons, special events, camps, holiday programs and more!


World Wide Swim School

World Wide Swim School – Laurie Lawrence
Online Professional Development

ASSA and Laurie Lawrence are working together in providing Swim Teacher the opportunity to undertake professional development online. To gain access click here.

The site offers you to access a range of important water familiarisation and water safety information on babies, infants and pre-schoolers. This is a great opportunity for you to access online professional development.

Laurie Lawrence is Australia’s Gold Medal Olympic swimming coach, baby swimming expert and water safety advocate. He has been involved in the swimming industry since 1966. Laurie’s depth of swimming knowledge is unique in international swimming and now swimming teachers around the world can gain access to his proven teaching methods.


YPC (Your Personal Connection)

YPC (Your Personal Connection) is a platform that pairs Swim Instructors with tailored jobs that suit their repertoire of qualifications and availability. This online tool has an impressive reach throughout Australia and is continuing to grow. Facilities seeking an Instructor with a specific skillset can sign up to gain access to YPC’s bank of Swim Coaches, which can be searched based on education, expertise and experience. Plus, available jobs can be posted based on skillset, location and availability. Whether it’s a new swim school looking to build a class timetable or an established business looking to diversify its offerings, the platform was designed to save time and money in the hiring process.

YPC (Your Personal Connection)

YPS Screenshot


Australian Swim Schools Association (ASSA) is proud to have Vorgee as its Preferred Supplier of swim goggles and accessories.  In partnering with Vorgee, ASSA took into account the following:

  • Vorgee is Australian owned and managed.
  • Their focus is to offer you, your staff and your business a broad range of swim goggles, swim caps and swim training equipment covering most categories and price points along with helpful and understanding service.
  • Style and quality are underlying features of all their products.
  • Ample stock is on hand to order as your require.
  • All orders are appreciated no matter how small or large.
  • Good margins.
  • Fast, reliable and efficient service.
  • In addition to their retain product range they also offer an efficient Club, Swim School, Centre Logo or Event Swim Cap, and Club Swimwear service.
  • High quality Australian Made Chlorine Resistant Swimwear and Rash Shirts (including Instructor) are also available, as well as High Performance Race Swim Suits and Nixs.
  • Special deals and promotions also available on request.

Vorgee Logo New Immerse Yourself

QUADRO Australia

Australian Swim Schools Association (ASSA) is proud to have QUADRO Australia as its Preferred Supplier of Learn to Swim Platforms & Teaching Aids.

QUADRO Australia are the exclusive supplier of QUADRO Aqua, providing Learn To Swim Platforms & Teaching Aids to Swim Schools, Aquatic Facilities & Home Pools.


  1. Made in Germany – high quality, UV Stabilised
  2. Bright and colourful
  3. Easy to assemble
  4. Easy to expand & adapt to individual needs
  5. Easy to place into & remove from water
  6. Safe & child friendly
  7. Safely used in chlorine pools
  8. Over 40 models to choose from!
  9. Cheap shipping & great value for money
  10. Used worldwide for over 35 years!

Aflex Inflatables

Aflex is proud to be associated with ASSA and their members in promoting and supporting the teaching of Water skills for life.

Aflex Inflatables is a specialist company designing, manufacturing, and supplying quality inflatables for the leisure industry throughout Australia, New Zealand and globally.

About Aflex:

  • Top quality inflatables.
  • Great customer service
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • NZ designer and manufacturer of inflatables for over 25 years
  • Leading supplier to commercial pools throughout Australia
  • Safety conscious company with products manufactured to the Australian standards
  • Customised products
  • Trusted for product quality, service and warranties
  • Products for all ages and abilitiesOur focus is a great customer experience, ensuring our inflatables tick all the boxes for you and your pool.Water inflatables are a fun, healthy, family activity.To find out more how Aflex inflatables can assist in bringing a different dimension to your pool please contact us:PH 1800 147017 . |  Email:






Wahu, a homegrown Aussie operated brand since 1999, embraces all aspects of the classic, Aussie outdoor lifestyle. Indeed, if it’s fun you fancy, Wahu is a way of life. At Wahu we believe in letting the good times rip!

Every year our unique games and beach toys for kids join thousands of Australian families on weekend trips to the beach, to pool parties, and of course to the backyard barbeque. For endless hours of outdoor play and hilarity, look no further than our high quality inflatable pool toys, dive toys, pool slides, colourful neoprene balls and fabulous fun beach toys for kids.

Our fantastic range product encourages imaginative and active water play. Make magic your pool into a Wahu fun park with our awesome pool toys or get the little ones paddling with Wahu’s delightful Nippas range of pool toys and inflatables for babies and toddlers. If you’re heading to the beach, pack your Wahu neoprene sports balls or cricket set for some awesome, coastal larks!

Wahu toys speak the language of fun, wherever you are. We have a vast array of toys for land, lake or sea, so whatever your mood, Wahu’s got the fun covered!


Wahu Nippas

Babies and toddlers will be thrilled to get in the water this summer as they learn to swim with the Wahu Nippas range of swimming equipment for tots. Nippas is a specialised range of products developed by Wahu to assist babies and toddlers as they learn to swim.

For more information or to place an trade order please contact or visit





Holland & Holland Tax

Holland & Holland has been providing tax and accounting services for over 35 years. We have a broad client base including individuals, professionals and small business owners. Whether you are about to embark on running a new swim school or are already operating one, we can assist you in all aspects of your taxation requirements. We can also provide you with business advice and planning to help your business prosper.

Our team includes degree-qualified tax accountants who have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of taxation, business structuring and Self Managed Superannuation Funds. This enables us to provide an integrated service to cater for each stage of your changing needs and assist you to achieve a work-life balance and financial security.

We focus on delivering a personalised and high quality service and are happy to assist you across the full range of our expertise.

Our role is to take care of your taxation obligations while you manage and grow your business. Our ultimate goal is to help you build a profitable and successful swimming school.

To discuss how we can help you call David Ryland on 07 33798233 or email

Holland & Holland

Creative Curiosity

Creative Curiosity

We are a full service design and web development studio working with branding, small to large websites and online media.

We’re not just great at graphic design, we also build websites. And not just websites, we build complex online systems, we offer hosting & premium exchange email, and we know all the ins and outs to e-commerce online. The online domain can be a bit of a minefield, so one thing we love is making the difficult simple, and making sure you understand exactly what’s going on in your online world. Talk to us about your website & online strategy today.

Creative Curiosity, Australian Swim School Association


The Newest Challenge in Aquatic Fitness

Acquapole is the most innovative piece of aquatic equipment to effectively train all muscle groups utilizing various accessories such as the Boxing Bag, T-Traction Bar and Elastic to create the ultimate Aqua Fitness Workout Station.

The introduction of Acquapole, it’s accessories and training protocols into the Australian Aquatic Fitness market has seen a dramatic shift in a younger demographic attending aqua classes and a big increase in attendance to aqua classes overall.

The consensus by the press and the general public of Acquapole was so broad and immediate, that only one year after its invention in Italy, it was able to be marketed. Today Acquapole is present in many fitness clubs, aquatic centers, and sports facilities in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

But above all, today Acquapole is officially recognized as one of the most versatile pieces of aquatic equipment, complete and effective for Aqua Fitness.

Contact us for more information on how you can dramatically increase your class sizes and forever change the way you run your Aqua Fitness classes.

Acquapole logo

HMT Consulting

HMT Consulting – Michael Taylor Principal Consultant

Michael has over 40 years’ experience in Industrial and Employee Relations, from both workforce and business perspectives, and holds a Graduate Diploma in Employment Relations.

Between 1990 and 2001 he served on the Boards of Arts Training NSW, Sport & Recreation ITAB – NSW, National Sport & Recreation ITAB, Recreation Industry Training Company and the Services Sector Industry Reference Group, set up under the auspices of WorkCover NSW. During this period Michael had a major input into the establishment of National Competency Standards in the Live Theatre & Concert Industry, major Theme Parks and Outdoor Recreation.