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SwimSeal™ Protective Ear Drops

When it comes to ear infections and pain caused by retained water in the ear, SwimSeal Protective Ear Drops are the only true preventative solution.

This unique solution creates a waterproof coating in the ear canal that expels water from the ear, preventing common water related ear problems.

In addition, SwimSeal Protective Ear Drops contain Australian Tea Tree oil that acts as a natural anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory agent. Even better, it contains NO ALCOHOL which stings and is known to cause unnecessary irritation of the delicate lining of the ear canal which can lead to pain and infection.

The formulation of the drops is patented. SwimSeal was developed by Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) medical specialists and is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia, so it is very safe to use. In fact, all ages above 6 months can use and benefit from SwimSeal.

Just before entering the water 2-3 drops of SwimSeal are applied into each ear and within seconds the ear canals are coated with a water repelling lining. The drops do not impact hearing or balance, so throw away the ear plugs and the drops naturally migrate out of the ear over 2-3 hours.

Why Use SwimSeal

– The only preventative option for water-related ear infections and pain.

It’s Safe – Developed by ENT surgeons and approved by the TGA Approved.

– Ear Friendly -contain no alcohol

Cost-effective prevention with 100 applications per bottle ($0.20 per application)

– Leaves the ear naturally and does not affect hearing or balance.

– Keeps more people in the water for longer and more often; No more missed swims or lessons!!

SwimSeal The Drops That STOP Water Causing Painful Ears.

Vorgee Australia is the exclusive distributor of SwimSeal Protective Ear Drops into Aquatic Centres and specialist sporting stores throughout Australia.

Australian Family Physician Information Click Here